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Eliminating Crawl Space Moisture

undefined1. Find the Source

First, eliminate the source of the problem by determining how moisture is getting into the space.

For example:

Is it a leak in the roof, siding or basement?

Has a pipe broken?

Are your floor drains backed up?

  • Do you live in an area with high humidity?

Thoroughly inspect your home from roof to basement to determine where the water is getting in. When you figure out what the source is you will need to correct it immediately. You may need to look into a contractor to assess water damage. For pests, look no further and contact us at Preferred Pest Control today! If the source is high humidity then looking into investing in a humidifier is a great idea.

2. Cleanup

To clean the space you will want to remove any debris, junk and wet materials. This is necessary in order to make the drying out process easier. Now that the space is clear, remove any standing water. Depending on how much water there is you might need to use a sump pump to pick up the water. If there is any fungus present it is very important that you clean it up before you start to use any airflow equipment like a dehumidifier.

In instances where pests are present, be sure to clean up any rodent or other pest droppings as there may be a bacterial or viral hazard. You can use a black light to spot any urine stains on surfaces including dirt floors. If urine does exist on a dirt floor then it might be necessary to remove the layers of contaminated soil. Sanitize any contaminated surfaces. Then spread a plastic covering over dirt or gravel surfaces.

Remove any dead tree limbs around your house because this can be a source for ants, termites, and beetles.

3. Keep the space dry with a dehumidifier

Once you’ve taken care of the water entry problem and any damage issues, it is safe to start the drying process. You will want to figure out what size humidifier is appropriate for the space and what type of unit to purchase. This all depends on what kind of moisture problem you have.

If the problem is long-term because of high humidity then you might want to consider installing a permanent crawlspace dehumidifier. In this case, you’ll want to get a model with a continuous drain pump that you can connect to a drainage system, so you won’t need to monitor a water collection tank.

Otherwise, if your problem is more temporary, then a portable unit without a pump will work just fine; it will be easier to maneuver and won’t require installation. Use it until the humidity has reached a healthy level — just be sure to empty the water collection tank periodically.

You want to maintain a good humidity level between 30% – 50%. Anything above 50% is considered too high and can become a breeding ground for pests and fungus.

Also, be sure to continue regular inspections to ensure the space remains moisture free!

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