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Spider Prevention Tips from Martha Stewart

As the cold weather approaches we start to see more pests inside the home as they seek shelter for the season, including spiders.  Many of you may feel similar unpleasant thoughts about these eight legged creatures, but while our instinct may be to set them on fire (sending them back to where we feel they came), they are a helpful part of our eco-system and a deterrent may be more efficient for both our peace of mind and keeping them as useful predators of other pests.

Martha Stewart is the all around woman, we often think of her baking delicious treats or creating a wreath from sticks found in her backyard, but we at Preferred Pest would like to share some tips and tricks from “Martha’s Homekeeping Handbook” on how to deter spiders from your home.


Eucalyptus soap shavings where spider webs are found may prevent future home building.

1 .As a deterrent, try leaving scraps of soap, preferably eucalyptus scented, where webs appear.

2. Spray cotton balls with penny royal oil (a variety of mint available at health-food stores) or rubbing alcohol and rub on windowsills and baseboards and behind appliances.

3. To make your own bug spray, fill a spray bottle with 8 ounces of water and 3 tablespoons of liquid soap.

All of these options will help avoid the effects of spraying chemicals in your home if you’re looking for more natural alternatives, and will maintain a low spider population in your home….Also, if you’re a feline lover they tend to keep the insects and spiders at bay!

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