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Odorous House Ants: a Smelly Invader

undefinedThe Odorous House Ants is a native species, found throughout Eastern Tennessee. It earns its name by producing a foul, “rotten coconut” odor when crushed, something you might not know at first, and making this pesky guys a truly stinky pest to get rid of.

Inside, these Odorous Ants usually construct their nests in wall voids, especially around hot water pipes and heaters, in crevices, sinks, cupboards, etc. Outside they are found in exposed soil, usually shallow, often located beneath a board, brick, stone walk, etc. They will feed on anything sweet, making them an easy pest to get inside and invade your home, eating crumbs, and anything sweet they can find in your home and pantry. Have you seen these guys? Don’t get left in their stink, Call Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf at (865) 234-4008 to deal with these guys and stop them before they cause a bigger stink!

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