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Mice Mice Baby

undefinedAs cold weather is still among us in East Tennessee so are mice and other rodents trying to invade your home! Don’t let these pesky guys take over! Sure you could set traps and do it your self, but you may have a bigger problem than you know and really you should call an exterminator. Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf are just the guys to call at (865) 234-4008 to get rid of these rodents!

You think you know about mice, but did you know that mice stay within 25 feet of their nests their entire lives? Did you know when baiting a trap you should use the exact same food the mice have been eating? Most people immediately bait with peanut butter. Did you know that mice have bad eyesight, so you need to position traps perpendicular and touching the wall? Did you know that mice will eat right through foam filler? Did you know that you should begin your mouse extermination by closing up holes found along the outside foundations of the house before you do any other closure work? And, did you know that mice can get through holes the size of a dime?
Mice are cleaver and did you know mice can chew on the bait and move it to other areas. They can easily drop the baits directly on dishes or in pots and pans. You could inadvertently cook the poison into your next meal. Yikes!
So don’t spend loads of money trying to exterminate these guys yourself, take care of them the first time by calling Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf at (865) 234-4008.

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