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With untreated crawl space moisture, wood destroying fungus may develop in your home. There are four requirements that must be present for the fungus to develop and ruin the integrity of a building: water, food, favorable temperatures, and oxygen. In general, the wood needs to contain 20-30% moisture in above-freezing temperatures to be a candidate to develop a serious fungus situation.

There are different types of wood destroying fungus as well as non-wood destroying fungus to be aware of and care for depending on how they affect the wood. Our Knoxville moisture control specialists provide the care and attention your building needs to address your wood destroying fungus problem.

Types of wood destroying fungus services we provide include:

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The fungus is attracted to wood because unlike other plants, they don’t require chlorophyll to create its own food. It uses the organic matter of the wood as food to grow and develop, thereby ruining your building. Proper identification of fungus through a wood destroying pest and organism inspection is essential to developing the appropriate control measures. Owner Sam Oliver is licensed in Wood Destroying Organisms and can identify exactly the cause of your home’s moisture problems.

In many instances, we use borates to treat your residence. Borates provide an effective method of treating for the protection of wood and wood-foam composite structural components against wood decay fungi. Since improper ventilation and moisture issues are common causes of wood destroying fungus infestations. Often these infestations can be prevented and/or corrected by installing an ATMOX controlled ventilation system.

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