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Non Wood Decaying Fungi Control Services

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Non wood decaying fungi is also known as mold in many instances. This kind of fungus lives on plant or animal matter and is often confused with wood decaying fungi. However, while they similarly discolor the wood, they do not break down the wood itself to weaken its structure. If you notice non wood decaying fungi on your building, you may have the proper environment for wood decaying fungi.

At Preferred Pest, Termite and Turf Management, we understand that the presence of non wood decaying fungi can increase the chances for your home to develop a more serious fungus problem. We utilize the same methods for non wood decaying fungi as wood decaying fungi to remove the favorable conditions and prevent a serious problem from occurring.

Have you discovered mold and non wood decaying fungi in or around your property? Our Knoxville pest control specialists offer free inspections for the first step in elimination. Call (865) 234-4008.

Reduce Moisture with Pest Control Services

When you have a non wood decaying fungi infestation in your home, we will properly identify the underlying problem to suggest your optimal solution.

There are two common treatments for fungi:

  • Borates – An environmentally safe treatment that results in the fungi drying up and dying
  • ATMOX Ventilation System – A ventilation system that addresses the causes of moisture that results in fungi

While wood destroying fungi will additionally need a replacement for the damaged wood, non wood destroying fungi can be addressed with the above treatments. Take immediate action to prevent further damage to your home!

Work with the team of Knoxville pest control specialists at Preferred Pest, Termite and Turf Management to take care of a non wood decaying fungi infestation. We utilize the latest in modern technology to take care of your moisture and fungus problem. As a locally owned business, we know how burdensome fungi can become and we are dedicated to offering the right solution for your building.

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