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Water Conducting Fungi Control

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While most wood decaying fungi require water, food, oxygen, and favorable temperatures to grow and thrive, water conducting fungi collect water on their own. They use a root-like water conducting tube called a rhizomorph to connect to the ground and transport water from the soil to the wood. While other wood destroying fungi will not develop unless excessive rainfall or leaks exist, water conducting fungi can develop in otherwise dry conditions. It rapidly spreads through buildings, floors, and walls in short periods of time. Like the wood damage caused by termites, water conducting fungi infestations in the exposed wood will show a wavy grain.

Some essential facts about water conducting fungi are:

  • They attack softwoods, such as pine or fir
  • They can conduct water from 30 feet away or more
  • They are discovered in protected areas of a structure, such as porches and crawl spaces
  • They prefer areas of low temperatures

The best way to prevent water conducting fungi is to reduce moisture in and around the building. Fans and dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity essential to the fungus’s survival. However, once an infection has been discovered, a licensed pest control specialist must evaluate and address the problem.

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