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White Rot Fungi

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Moisture results in a range of fungi development in your home. Dry rot is one type of fungus that grows in wood that causes structures and furniture to degrade and eventually fall apart. Unfortunately, dry rot and associated fungus can be difficult to diagnose when it is in the early stages since the damage is usually out of sight. Working with an experienced moisture and pest control specialist in Knoxville at Preferred Pest, Termite and Turf Management can identify the problem and offer practical solutions to fix your problem.

White rot fungi are one type of wood destroying fungus that can cause extensive damage to your property. Our Knoxville pest control specialists are expertly qualified in wood destroying organisms, such as white rot fungi, and provide superior customer service for every job.

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About White Rot Fungi

White rot fungi attack the cellulose and the lignin both hard and soft woods, resulting in a lighter, whiter appearance. This type of rot will cause the wood to shrink and collapse as the fungus affects more and more of the wood area. Infested wood becomes less strong and spongier as the fungus increases. White rot fungi only appear when the wood is actually wet, meaning there is likely a leak or structural problem that is causing the fungus to spread.

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