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Ant Control in Knoxville

Pest Control for Your Home or Business

Ants are the most common insect to invade homes and businesses. In East Tennessee alone, there are about 20 species of ants that eat anything from sweets, meat, cheese and other insects (alive or dead). If you think you may have an ant infestation, taking immediate action can prevent your problem from becoming worse. Preferred Pest, Termite and Turf Management offers environmentally-friendly and modern pest control in Knoxville, using products that won’t harm your property or family.

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Do I Have an Ant Infestation?

Ants can be a massive nuisance when they enter your building. They come inside looking for food and water for their colony, and are massively difficult to remove once they enter. If you notice soil piled up around an entry hole, a large progression of ants late at night, and sawdust sprinkles around furniture or other wood sources, you may have an ant infestation.

Ants are commonly found near:

  • Wall voids
  • Hot water pipes
  • Heaters
  • Bathrooms
  • Fireplace hearths
  • Wood
  • Concrete cracks
  • Stones
  • Decaying vegetation
  • Building foundations

While you may be tempted to handle an ant infestation on your own, working with a professional is in your best interests. Although most ants are not aggressive, some bite or sting when they feel threatened. Others let off foul odors when crushed. Our Knoxville pest control services stop ants in their tracks.

Experienced Pest Control You Can Rely On

Sam Oliver, owner of Preferred Pest, Termite and Turf Management, has a degree in Plant Science from the University of Tennessee and graduated from the Advanced Urban/Industrial Integrated Pest Management Program at Purdue University. He is also licensed in Structural Pest Management, Horticulture and Lawn Care, and Wood Destroying Organisms. When it comes to pest control and management, our service technicians bring their knowledge, experience, and skill to every single job.

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