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Carpenter Bee Control in Knoxville

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Carpenter bees, also known as wood boring bees, can be a pest, but they also serve a practical purpose - to pollinate crops and home gardens. Carpenter bees may be large, but they are basically harmless! Males can appear aggressive, but they have no stinger. The female will only sting when threatened. Carpenter bees are not social insects and do not live in nests or colonies.

You will find them hovering around houses and other wooden structures. Females will nest in various types of wood, but she prefers weathered and unpainted woods. Females bore a perfectly round hole straight into wood across the grain. She then takes a right-angle turn to build her gallery for her eggs. Woodpeckers can enlarge these holes when they try to get at the larvae inside.

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Prevent Damage to Your Residence

With the excessive damage, these insects can cause to your residential or commercial property, working with experienced pest control can ensure that environmentally safe methods are used to eliminate these pests. We can offer ongoing solutions to maintain any pest control work we complete and prevent carpenter bees from returning.

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