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Earwig Control in Knoxville

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Earwigs have slender flattened bodies with a large pair of pincers at the tip of their abdomen. They are harmless, but when disturbed they emit a liquid that smells like creosote. An earwig infestation either inside or outside of your building can be a nuisance. Unlike other pests, earwigs are not a social insect with a colony. This means that there is no nest that our pest control specialists can address.

When you retain our team, we examine the vegetation around your home. The earwigs hide during the day under debris or in dark spaces. You can find them near unnecessary mulch, plant debris, stones or boards around the home. As long as there is moisture and vegetation, earwigs will be able to eat and breed.

You can prevent earwigs around your property by:

  • Cleaning up loose wood and stones
  • Keeping soil around the foundation dry
  • Trimming excessive branches
  • Maintaining gutters and spouts for proper drainage
  • Changing exterior lighting
  • Repair screens in windows and vents
  • Dehumidify and dry out low, moisture-prone areas

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